Hi everyone,

I bought a brand new KTM 390 duke (2015) recently and by the time I got it home from picking it up from the dealer (15kms), coolant was leaking out of the radiator cap onto the seat/frame etc. It was towed back to the dealership the next day. I got it back just over a week later (yesterday) and they said they couldn't find any issues with the coolant leaking and they had replaced the cap just in case, they also said that maybe there was too much coolant and that could be the reason it was leaking. I went for a ride today (approx 20kms) and by the time I arrived to where I was going, it was literally spitting coolant out from the cap. It was all over the bike - the heat gauge was maxed out. The coolant is not leaking from the overflow, only the radiator cap.

I have a few questions: has anyone experienced the same problem (this bike had 2kms when I picked it up)? Should it ever be doing this as it seems like a very strange thing to have happen (leaking from the cap)? Any ideas on what is causing the problem (faulty cap, issues with cooling system)?

Any responses would be greatly appreciated. This is my first bike and I am just devastated to have these problems. I really love the bike, but this was supposed to be brand new...I wouldn't have ever expected this to happen. I've been searching online and can't find this issue happening to anyone else.